The ISO Training Advantage

Security personnel are there to enforce your rules. They act to protect lives and your valuable property. Conflict management, crisis intervention, medical emergencies, dealing with difficult or unauthorized people and situations, and even handling wildlife wandering on site—security plays an essential role to your operations.

That’s why we aren’t afraid to invest in comprehensive training for the right people.

Before our employees step foot on your property, they are required to pass a government regulated security course (which can be taken through our company or a number of other institutions), as well as undergo a criminal record check and drug and alcohol screening. In addition, we also provide a comprehensive training program that is unique to our organization — and tailored to yours.

Our Industrial Security Officer (ISO) training model aligns with the prestigious International Federation of Protection Officers (IFPO) accreditation. We are also a course provider for Security Guard training through the Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing and have certified First Aid/CPR trainers.

A comprehensive, professional development plan, the ISO training program contains three levels, with higher positions requiring higher levels of completion. Management carefully documents, tracks and evaluates all training and upon successful completion, employees are recognized and rewarded with wage increases and certificates. This model allows employees to set and manage their own career goals, and creates a pool of interested people who are already trained for future advancement.

And because we want our ISOs to be smart, capable, knowledgeable, and friendly, we train them to provide exceptional customer service.

We can customize our training to meet your needs.