Every industry realizes different obstacles and adherence to regulations and effective risk management is paramount when it comes to job site safety and security. Our guards are trained, licenced and insured to suit every need. Below is a summary of some of the industries and businesses we provide support:

Building Construction

Onsite security whilst in construction phase protects building and site in all phases of construction and prevents thousands of dollars of theft losses.

Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

Our guards are advised to learn overall plant function and products which allows them to perform their job more competently with safety in mind.

Condos, Apartments & Townhouses

Forward-facing concierge services by licenced guards ensure proper access to proper tenants and guests and give property managers and management boards peace of mind.


Universities, Colleges & Schools Safety and security of our educators, student body and places of study should not be taken lightly. Educational institutes provide an invaluable service and space to learn; our guards are there to help with the right amount of visibility to ensure compliance.

Energy, Utilities & Telecom

Mitigating and managing risk in the supply of energy and other key utilities is essential to our day to day lives. Knowledgeable and site-specifically trained guards are a key component to continuous, non-disrupted flow.

Financial Institutions

The importance of security within these institutes goes without saying. Providing professional, unarmed security guards with a watchful eye on general flow is being proactive in minimizing negative events.

Government Sector & Services

Municipal, Provincial & Federal In today’s world, protection at all levels of government for people and buildings is important for undisrupted administering of essential services.


Hospitals, Clinics & Emergency Centers We provide training specific to healthcare needs and have even gone so far as to dually train our guards to be paramedics.  In crisis (an even non-crisis) situations, it helps to have a level-headed guard on duty.


Hotels & Conference Centers Success for this industry equates to no issues arising or disrupting any guests’ activities. With that in mind, our guards are there to assist and even lend a helping hand when required.

Industrial, Mining & Camps

Mining companies face many unique security challenges. However remote or daunting the location, our guards are prepared to assist with any extra duties as may be required. Size is never an issue as we always have the ability to staff even the largest mines or industrial sites with qualified guards.


Highways, Roads & Bridges Security to monitor traffic flow, right-of-way, control site access and protect idle equipment.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution

Office & Commercial High-rises

Regardless of the size of your building, the extra element of physical security and video surveillance provides ease of mind to tenants and property owners.

Oil & Gas

Refineries, Pipelines, Tank Farms, Rig, Wellsite & Facilities, Water Supply & Disposal, Abandonments The economic importance of this industry means extra scrutiny on efficiencies and continual cost cutting procedures all the while maintaining top tiered safety and security. Oilfield security guards help achieve safety goals and minimize down time.

Pulp & Paper

Be it for yearly turnarounds or general day-to-day help in routine function of a mill, our guards are that extra set of eyes that monitor and report, provide access control, and help ensure adherence to safety protocols.

Retail & Shopping Malls

In order to thrive and prosper as a retailer, we help to provide a safer and more secure environment for employees, customers and goods. We can also ensure security in case of emergencies or power outages.


Airports, Marine Ports & Bus Stations Security is always a mainstay of safe travels. Effective risk management and protecting the flow of valuable goods and managing high volumes of foot and vehicle traffic helps to ensure things move as they should.