ABS Awarded Gunnar Mine Paramedic Contract

Saskatoon, SK  May 9, 2011 Athabasca Basin Security Limited Partnership (ABS) has been awarded the PARAMEDIC CONTRACT for services for the Gunnar Mine Site Decommissioning Project.  This project is a highly anticipated project funded by the Government of Saskatchewan with Quantum Murray LP providing general contracting.

“The Gunnar site is an abandoned uranium mine site the provincial and federal governments are cleaning up in the Uranium City area. This “Cold War legacy mine” was a small, short-term mining operation from the 1950s and 1960s near Uranium City. Following completion of operations, the uranium mine was abandoned at a time when environmental controls for decommissioning and reclaiming such sites were limited or non-existent.” – Schneider, Roy. (2011). Government of Saskatchewan, Energy and Resources, from http://www.gov.sk.ca/news?newsId=7683ce47-672a-4d44-b756-4e4280925a36