Safety is as important to us as it is to our clients. Athabasca Basin Security is proud to provide the safest possible environment for our employees and for everyone around us. We understand and share our client’s high standards concerning safety and we have many years of experience meeting and exceed these standards at all our work sites.

We utilize technology such as Knowledgeware’s fleet management system to ensure our safety targets are met. Fleet management allows us to utilize a GPS based system that allows us to operate one of the safest vehicle fleets on the planet. Knowledgeware tracks safety statistics which gives us the ability to identify trends and make safety enhancements that immediately improves our safety performance.

Athabasca Basin Security has been awarded COR certification for our safety program. We are one of only a few security companies with COR certification in the security industry. Safety is integrated into all aspects of our business with every employee actively participating in safety training and practices. With both management and staff contributions we can achieve a safe work place, where zero incidents is not only a goal but is achievable.

Returning home safe is everyone’s priority. We take safety very seriously and we know that you do too.