Fleet Management System

Athabasca Basin Security has a comprehensive HSE program that meets or exceeds all legislated requirements.  We are a COR certified company audited by the SCSA and conduct periodic mini-audits as well as a comprehensive yearly internal audit to ensure that our safety program meets everyone’s needs.

We are very concerned with asset protection, and what greater asset does any company have than their people?  With this in mind, we have implemented a fleet management system that uses the ROVR technology.

The ROVR system allows Athabasca Basin Security to run one of the safest fleets on the planet.  This approach to fleet tracking saves lives, reduces operating costs and protects the environment.  This system reduces accidents by over 50% and allows us to concentrate on giving extra training to drivers that need it.  By encouraging drivers to improve and rewarding drivers that excel, a positive environment is created where workers can compete with each other to get the best score and they also can participate directly in their site’s safety performance.  The system also has a home safe feature that can be used for workers working alone.  It works by a virtual overlay on a map of a point of interest such as the workers house.  When the worker reaches their home it triggers a notification to their supervisor that confirms that the worker has made it home safe.  An overlay can also be used to determine when the worker has reached their site and also when they leave eliminating the need for the supervisor to check up on them by phoning.

The ROVR system allows us to drastically reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating the need to replace parts due to vehicle misuse such as quick acceleration and braking as well as reducing repairs caused by accidents.  By tracking driver’s performance we can reduce fuel consumption by over 20% and emissions by over 14%.  This is accomplished by monitoring speed as well as excessive idling which not only wastes fuel but also causes unneeded wear on the engine.

We believe that ensuring our people’s safety is not just a legal requirement.  We are constantly re-evaluating the safety program to add new technologies or better systems to ensure that our workforce is afforded all the possible safety solutions that allow us to be one of the safest security companies in the world.