K-9 Drug Dogs

On-site substance abuse can lead to a number of unsafe and illegal situations. Serious safety concerns, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism and legal issues can all be avoided if illicit drugs are kept off your site.

Service dogs are one of the most cost effective tools used by law enforcement services and industrial security companies. Trained dogs not only locate illicit substances, but also act as a deterrent against future occurrences. Searches by professional handlers and detector dogs are very successful in showing employees that nothing can be hidden from well-trained detector dogs. This makes it less appealing for employees, visitors and contractors to take the risk, keeping drugs and other illicit materials off your site.

Athabasca Basin Security’s K–9 Detector Program has highly skilled and experienced handlers and dogs fully trained in detection and law enforcement services. Our management team will work with you to develop a successful detection plan that is confidential, cost-effective and professional. Programs can include a combination of after hours and open searches, scheduled or random unannounced searches and can target specific areas or a conduct a general search.

Our dogs are trained to detect popular illicit substances such as heroin, marijuana and alcohol, as well as associated paraphernalia. They can even locate areas where substances were stored — after drugs were removed — which is invaluable information for identifying problem areas on your site. Our dogs can also search luggage, vehicles, clothing or buildings. This can prevent drugs and other illegal substances from entering your site by vehicle, aircraft or any other means.

Before conducting any search, we work with you to develop a plan that includes: how and when the searches will be conducted, what to search, procedures for how to store and deal with any items the dog may find, and if necessary, proper documentation regarding chain of custody.

We keep all searches, and the results of these searches, strictly confidential.

In addition, we will search and conduct work within all applicable laws, respecting the legal and constitutional rights of all individuals. Our K–9 teams and site managers will work closely with company human resource personnel or managers and local law enforcement authorities while conducting any K–9 detection operations at work locations.