Physical Security

Once we have conducted a full security audit, the next step is to work with your team and develop a security plan that works for you. Our existing security package includes standardized processes and procedures that form the base of your customized security solution. This security package provides a full range of industrial security solutions including:

  • Trained Industrial Security Officers (ISOs) – To provide physical protection of your people, property and information.
  • Static Security – Stationary ISOs monitor and control access to your site, allowing only authorized personnel to enter and ensuring all safety requirements are met prior to access.
  • Mobile Foot Patrols – ISOs conduct patrols on foot in a predetermined route. This can be tracked electronically to ensure continual coverage.
  • Mobile Vehicle Patrols – ISOs conduct patrols in fully equipped, marked patrol vehicles, providing a visual deterrent as well as monitoring traffic and other violations.
  • Radio/Electronic Communications – ISOs monitor radio frequencies and communicate with outside law enforcement agencies and emergency responders where needed, and have continuous communications with site managers and other personnel.
  • Standardized Documentation and Reporting – We have a standard documentation and reporting package that will be customized based on your needs. If you prefer, we can work with your existing documentation procedures.

In addition to our standard security package, we also offer a number of value-added services that can enhance the security of your site.